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Who is Vero Vivida Herbals

Vero Vivida Herbals offers herbal tea and essential oil nasal inhalers. We are nature lovers, health seekers, and forward-thinkers in the realm of herbals and strive to innovate continually and improve the experience with unique tastes and aromas. From the comfort of your home, you can get our custom herbal and floral products delivered to your door. We ensure quality ingredients in all of our products. Check it out and start shopping today.

Vero is short for Veronique, and she is the founder of Vero Vivida Herbals. As a French Canadian from Quebec, it made sense to use her Latin roots to choose her company name. "Vivida" in Latin means LIVELY. She wants to bring the liveliness of herbs into people's lives. Vero always saw flowers and plants as a gift from God. As our creator gives life, she wants to offer "vivida" teas, bath blends, flowers, herbs, and essential oil nasal inhalers to enchant life!

Vero Vivida Herbals started with Vero's passion for herbs and teas. Over the years of trying different mixes, she found a particular blend for the morning that nourished, energized, and kept her going all day without the jitters of coffee. Her husband always loved the smell of her teas, so he helped name them. Our "MORNING MIST" is Vero's favorite when she needs energy and mental focus.

  • The unique aroma of Earl Grey,

  • The earthy bitterness of Yerba Mate,

  • The smoky flavor of Nettle and 

  • The nourishing Oat Straw...

...make this blend perfect for breaking the night's fast or drinking as an energy tea any time of the day.


Nettle gently detoxifies and builds energy. Yerba Mate increases mental focus and energy and naturally detoxifies. Its compounds may protect against infection as it boosts the immune system. The Oat Straw is best known for enhancing libido, improving digestion, stabilizing moods, and revitalizing skin, nails, and hair.

Vero drinks "MORNING MIST" daily and adds her favorite sugar-free non-dairy creamer with honey or agave syrup.


As life can be stressful, Vero Vivida Herbals also formulated relaxing blends with roses, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and oat straw that could be sipped and sprinkled in the bathtub while unwinding from the day.

Plants and flowers are filled with remarkable properties which bring comfort and joy to our lives in many ways. Thus, we created easy and beautiful ways to use the power of plants to soothe and nourish the body and soul. 

We care as much about flavor and smell as we care about the quality and beauty of our products. We are also conscious of the importance of taking care of the environment, so we always choose herbs and flowers that were picked while respecting the balance of ecosystems. 

Our herbs are carefully selected to get the most quality ingredients and items for your enjoyment. Please browse our product gallery and start your "Vero Vivida Herbals" journey. 

Pouring velvety warm tea into a transparent cup with a flower on the table. Click the image and visit the shop page
Bath with herbs and flowers in it, relaxing bathroom scene. Click on the image and visit the shop page.
nice wooden tray with dry loose flowers and herbs, each individually placed in its own little square. Click on the image and visit the shop page.
beautiful white china-style tea cup with a silver rim decorated with grey, blue, and silver branches with flowers, plus a reusable 100% cotton tea bag placed on the plate. Click the image to visit the shop page.
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